How it works - the support the programme provides

Senior leaders from the demonstrator schools and colleges explain how supported establishments have benefitted from the programme.

The essence of any delivery of education is about the experience that the person that's learning is receiving. And that experience is what dictates how well they learn.

When we're looking at contingency planning and the role of online learning, we need to make sure that schools and colleges use technology effectively but keep excellence in teaching right at the heart of it……..and that's tough.’

Angela Berry - West Suffolk College

Chris Ryall from Thomas Gainsborough School, explains how they have helped an alternative provision school improve the quality of learner engagement in relation to their daily pastoral contact. In a special school context, advice was given about how to effectively manage staff meetings. In another context, advice was given about how to engage and provide greater interactivity for learners during online sessions.

In all cases the advice related to tools that the schools already had, they were just able to use them more effectively after the support was provided.

David Maguire, Headteacher of Coupals Primary Academy, explains the range of support approaches they have taken with schools that are part of the Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme. This includes helping a school that was at the very start their adoption of technology and how to take a long term view on the potentil positive impact. In another school, support provided helped with decisions about which technology to use to deliver live teaching that suited the teaching style of the staff.

Scott Hayden from Basingstoke College of Technology explains how supported Colleges have been increasingly open minded about how they use technology, particularly in 'flipping' the learning activities to encourage leaners responsibility outside of direct taught time. This has been enhanced further with a greater emphasis on collaborative learning tasks that groups of leaners can complete online, even when working remotely improving engagement and also improving outcomes for all.

Tim Lings from Heronsgate Primary discusses some of the positive impact they have had with their live webinars provided through the programme. Feedback received suggest the advice given has helped with longer term strategic planning in schools participating.

Ben McGinnes from Danesfield Primary school explains how one supported school went from intitial set up to online live teaching in a short time frame. 

Graham Macaulay explains how he has helped change teachers their approach to everyday teaching and rather than see technology as an add on activity, how it can become integrated into a daily approach to enhance teaching and learning.

As a Demonstrator School, how do you help schools in the programme?


School leaders explain the range of ways in which they help schools that have applied to the programme.

David Maguire, Headteacher of Coupals Primary Academy, explains how the ethos of the programme ensures that training and advice from the demonstrator school is specific to the individual context of the supported school.

Scott Hayden from Basingstoke College of Technology explains how they provide support for long term sustainable progress by wokring alongside the teaching experts in the schools and colleges they support.

Tim Lings from Heronsgate Primary school  explains how they have been supporting schools using live webinairs to share their experiences and provoke focused discussions within the schools taking part in the programme. 

Sarah Morgan explains how the support provided for schools is a combination of discussing previous experiences and providing practical training activities for staff 

Ben McGinnes explains how the understanding of where a school is at is key to being able to provide effective support. Once understood apporpriate support can be provided to help acehive the agreed strategic aims.

Graham Macaulay and Rachel Coathup explain the variety of support provided ranging from informal catch up sessions, to strategic planning sessions with the SLT and even on small incremental changes that can build up to long term positive impact.

Nick Templeton from West Suffolk College explains how he has crafted bespoke support for all the schools he has been supporting. The key is to schools understanding where they want to get to with their use of technology. In one example a supported secondary school made rapid progress through a differeneciated aporach to supporting staff in their initial use of the platform.