GST King's Warrington

King’s Leadership Academy Warrington was established as a Free School in September 2012. It is an 11-18 ‘free’independent school, in the state sector, that offers an academic education to the young people of Warrington. The Academy was founded on international research and traditional values with a huge focus on leadership and academic development.

Whilst accepting that academic work is very important, it is only one aspect of a King’s education. We believe that the development of leadership and character are the cornerstones of academic success and that the development of the whole person is fundamental to the success of our students. We offer a wide range of additional activities that enrich our educational programme.

As part of our vision and ethos, we are keen to ensure that all of our students leave Kings with a strong sense of purpose as to what they want to achieve in life. We want each of them to leave with a strong desire not only to play a useful and active part in our society but to become our next generation of leaders. Our unique ‘ASPIRE’ programme will help them develop the necessary academic, professional and character traits that they will need to lead happy, successful and fulfilling lives as tomorrow’s leaders.

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Our Journey With Educational Technology

From the first days in September 2012, our founding year, we have always tried to develop the link between technology and education at our school. From day one, we have been able to assign every pupil their own device with a view that it can help them with their organisation, accessing materials from teachers, and enhancing the day-to-day curricula they experience during their time with us.

Over the last eight years we've been fortunate enough to grow alongside the systems we use, many of which were also in their infancy at this point in time. Our teachers have learned to develop their own pedagogy and systems in line with these new technologies and as such the use of Google Google classroom, Google Drive, and a wide range of other educational technology is the norm in all lessons at the school.

We now feel that the school, staff, pupils and systems are at a point where the educational technology we use is no longer a ‘bolt on’, but an integral part of everything we do and one of the reasons our pupils achieve highly with us.

We are now at a point where we are taking everything we have developed, as well as the mistakes we have learned along the way, across the trust and beyond to help others realise how these modern practices can help with pupil outcomes, well-being and a healthy work-life balance.