Hambleton Primary Academy with Ribblesdale High School and Highfurlong School

The Demonstrator School is made up of a highly experienced consortium consisting of Hambleton Primary Academy, near Poulton-le-Fylde, Ribblesdale High School in Clitheroe and Highfurlong Special School in Blackpool. The leaders of the three schools have established a broad range of support for other schools across all sectors.

Our Journey With Educational Technology

Hambleton uses a combination of Google Classroom and iPads extensively at their own school and have supported others to implement this technology to support young people from a teaching and learning perspective. Their aim is to ensure that the technology is used to support and enhance traditional learning methods, both within the classroom and beyond.

Ribblesdale High School has a long history of using technology to aid teaching and learning for staff and 1300 pupils. They have partnered with Microsoft as a Training Academy for the last three years, sharing their expertise both nationally and globally. They have extensive experience of supporting others with the development and implementation of their own digital transformation plans, ensuring technology is used where it has the most impact.

Highfurlong has a long tradition of using technology to support learners with higher needs. They have wide experience of using technology to facilitate and enhance communication, allowing pupils to show their individual personalities and share their thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes instead of others presuming and thinking for them. Their strategic vision is that assistive technology becomes a lifelong, lifesaving tool for pupils.

What support can the consortium offer?

Digital platforms for learning

The consortium can apply the principles of ‘best practice’ from their work with Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom and See-Saw, to any digital learning platform being used by schools, to ensure they are utilised effectively to support teaching and learning and wider school functions.


Cross phase support

Due to the diverse make-up of the consortium, we are well equipped to offer support to primary, secondary and post-16 phases. All schools have a wealth of experience supporting learners of all abilities and needs within mainstream settings. To complement this, with Highfurlong being part of the consortium, we can offer a wide range of special educational support, including how to provide remote support to young people with high needs.


On-line Safety / Security

All members of the consortium can provide support in how to deliver remote learning in a secure way, to ensure young people remain safe, across all phases of education. This includes advice on how existing systems can be modified to maintain safeguarding whilst working off-site. Coupled with this, help can be given on how on-line systems, such as Intune and Microsoft 365, can be used to monitor activity and intervene as and when required.


SEND Support

The consortium is equipped to provide a full range of support to ensure that young people with specific needs can get the most from remote learning. This ranges from support that would ordinarily be provided in mainstream primary and secondary, through to those with more complex needs, who would normally require specialist provision. Highfurlong have already remotely delivered a wide variety of support including: Individual Speech and Language Therapy Sessions, supporting parents to be able to understand and deliver strategies to enable children to communicate at home and ensuring families are confident in setting up and successfully using specialist tech such as Eye Gaze, E-tram and visual prompts.


Pupil and teacher wellbeing

The consortium has extensive experience in supporting teachers and pupils, working remotely, from the wellbeing perspective. EdTech has been used routinely, at all three schools, to reduce teacher workload in a number of ways. This ranges from using digital platforms to support collaboration and sharing of resources, through to the use of a wide range of apps to support assessment and tracking of pupils at all levels. The consortium feels that technology should be used as a tool, where appropriate, and above all to maintain the ‘human’ element in these times of remote working.


Support delivery

With the systems at our disposal, we can offer support in whatever form is required. We have experience of running webinars and on-line sessions during ‘normal’ working and have already delivered a number of these since the beginning of remote learning, to support schools and peers to use technology effectively. We feel that one-to-many support sessions will have the most impact, from the resource available, however are happy to provide one-to-one remote support should the need arise. We are also equipped to produce and provide pre-recorded content to be accessed ‘on-demand’ by the wider education community.


EdTech transformation strategy

As the current situation develops, many schools will start to consider how EdTech should play a part in their school beyond times of remote learning. The consortium has extensive experience in supporting schools and colleges with the development of EdTech Transformation strategies. It is highly likely that an audit of how technology has been used in times of remote learning needs to be the starting point, to ensure it has been implemented and used in the best way to maximise impact. It is essential that this is considered before implementing more widely into the normal day-to-day running within school.