Heronsgate Primary School

At Heronsgate Primary School, we see technology as a tool for learning, helping us fulfil our motto: ‘We discover and realise the genius in everyone’. Investing in quality hardware and comprehensive access, for both teachers and students, has helped make this a reality for us.

Our staff team are confident in using technology in the classroom, something we have fostered through an intentional programme of continuous professional development over the years. We have built a culture where teachers are keen to try new things and best practice is widely shared. We share our knowledge of what works and our approach to technology with other schools through running professional learning courses as the Greenwich Apple Regional Training Centre.

Our Journey With Educational Technology

We have seen a transformation in teaching and learning through a combination of implementing Showbie to manage the digital learning, leveraging the benefits of the Apple ecosystem with AirPlay and Apple Classroom, and using a range of versatile content-creation apps such as Explain Everything and Book Creator. Pupils are able to easily share their ideas and work with the rest of the class as well as demonstrate their learning through voice recordings, video, photos and text. This has improved the quality of learning across our curriculum.

As an EdTech Demonstrator School, our core strength will be in helping school leaders develop an effective pedagogical vision and approach to using technology for learning. In 2016, we introduced a one-to-one iPad programme for Key Stage 2, followed up in 2018 in Key Stage 1, and we were recognised as an Apple Distinguished School in September 2019 for our effective leadership and innovative use of technology.

Providing a computer for every child has removed the administrative headache of organising shared sets of devices, and has allowed teachers to embed the meaningful use of technology for learning across the whole curriculum. Our journey to becoming an Apple Distinguished School can be viewed via our Apple Book 'Tool For Learning: iPad at Heronsgate Primary School’ available by clicking the link below.

What is has been your Ed Tech journey at Heronsgate Primary School?

Why did you apply to become a demonstrator school?

What challenges and successes have you had at Heronsgate Primary School?