King Ecgbert School with Notre Dame High School (EdTechSheff)

Both schools are large city based 11-18 comprehensive schools in Sheffield with very diverse intakes. They both succeed in teaching children from all backgrounds - EAL, disadvantaged, SEN as well as more advantaged students from affluent suburbs including the very able. King Ecgbert School hosts an Integrate Resource for children with autism.

Our Journey With Educational Technology

King Ecgbert are continuing to deliver the normal curriculum through the normal timetable with as much teacher-student interaction as possible. Staff teams collaborate on Microsoft Teams and increasingly live lessons are happening there too. The school deliver tasks to students via a parent and student app on phones called EduLink One and divert students to online courses on their Moodle VLE as well as using ever more features of Office 365 from email up to video streaming and web conference tools to bring learners together. Electronic text books, classroom PowerPoints converted to videos with teacher narration or delivered live and teachers recording how-to videos are all happening. Teacher CPD has also gone online - not just to help staff get up to speed with new ways of working but to carry on existing work on assessment and literacy the school have been carrying out all year.

Notre Dame High School is the Sheffield Associate Research School and is working with the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) to support schools to make evidence-informed decisions about the way in which they implement distance learning. Whilst this is new territory for many they believe it shouldn’t stop each school making rational decisions based on the available evidence of what works.

Together Notre Dame and King Ecgbert School as EdTechSheff seek to support other schools through the Demonstrator Schools Programme with written and video stories of their work, webinars to larger groups as well as more bespoke Q&A with schools and groups of schools.

For more information, please see the EdTechSheff homepage. You can also follow EdTechSheff on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel, and here is a short video from King Ecgbert Headteacher Paul Haig introducing EdTechSheff: