Lea Forest Primary Academy (with Academies Enterprise Trust)

Lea Forest is a leading school in Birmingham with an enriched, relevant, engaging and innovative curriculum enabling children to uncover a world of possibilities - inspiring each and every child to reach true academic brilliance. By embracing the role that Lea Forest plays within the wider community fostering positive partnerships with parents in and beyond the walls of the school - into the streets, into the town and far beyond - the school ensures children can live remarkable lives.

Our Journey With Educational Technology

Lea Forest Academy aims to deliver a curriculum that gives children an understanding of how to use the various forms of technology they encounter in a safe manner. Technology is used to enhance all areas of the learning process and support a broad range of activities in our curriculum, including helping pupils become knowledgeable about different sources and types of information, and being comfortable in using a wide range of devices and software.

Working with modern electronic devices and technology is a motivational factor for our children and we enjoy seeing their pleasure and excitement as they engage in a relevant and modern curriculum.

All classes have access to laptops, tablets and wireless devices. Classes also have the opportunity to use our Mac Suite and TV Studio to create digital media. We are continuously reviewing our curriculum and seeking to adapt and develop new technologies to support learning in our school.

We look forward to sharing what we know and have learned with other schools, no matter their starting point. Lea Forest staff and pupils all use G-Suite for Education. The Lea Forest team will demonstrate effective use of Google classroom and related software, both from a technological and pedagogical perspective.

As shown in the document below, we think about this in three stages. This will be used to guide and personalise our planning and support activities with schools. Staff will be supported through a mix of live conversations and recorded sessions.