Mount Hawke Academy, Aspire Academy Trust

Digital Learning Cornwall has been providing hands-on CPD for primary school staff for a number of years, constantly searching for technology implementations that provide real value and true working purpose for schools. We operate within a group of 28 primaries and have provided CPD and guidance to numerous external settings. Children’s learning, practicalities and staff ease-of-use are always at the top of our agenda.

Our Journey With Educational Technology

  • Deploying our strategy of single-sign on, child-friendly access for children across our group of 28 primaries. We continue to tailor this function for remote learning scenarios. 
  • Utilising working groups of staff to evaluate the impact of remote learning, including working with key pieces of software while examining uptake and results. 
  • Staff communicate and collaborate through established cloud services, with increased in-house online training.
  • Having established solid starting points for our diverse range of parents to access learning, we now utilise a range of VLEs and related systems – including video and voice recordings for setting tasks and feedback, plus manipulating online products to motivate and engage. 
  • Evaluation of safeguarding concerns and implications for online learning practice continue to be paramount within our approach.
  • We provide a diverse range of accessible webinars, free to sign up and attend, allowing MATs and schools to dip into our advice or develop a fuller relationship with us. 
  • We collate our own range of guidance materials, freely accessible for schools; this includes infographics, PDFs / slides from presentations; recorded video materials.