Oldham Sixth Form College

Oldham Sixth Form College (OSFC) has a student population of around 2,300 learners and offers a broad curriculum, incorporating A Levels, AS Levels, BTEC and CAMTEC qualifications, as well as T Levels and GCSEs. OSFC has an excellent reputation for delivering outstanding outcomes for all its students.

The college’s desire to have a greater impact on education at all stages in Oldham, led to the creation of The Pinnacle Learning Trust (PLT) in 2017 with a partner secondary school (The Hathershaw College). Werneth Primary School was welcomed into PLT in February 2019, making it an all-through-phase Trust. The Trust facilitates and promotes collaboration and sharing of best practice and so we can offer EdTech support to both secondary schools and colleges.

Already a Teaching School (Advantage TSA,) in July 2019, OSFC was awarded Associate Research School status by the Education Endowment Foundation. The Associate Research School brings a significant injection of further expertise in supporting schools to use evidence-based interventions to continue to develop their teaching and learning within an online context.

Find out more about how we support the Edtech Demonstrator School Programme on our dedicated website.

Our Journey With Educational Technology

Our EdTech journey began in 2016 following an ‘eProgress Review’ conducted by JiSC RSC Northwest which focused on auditing aspects of eLearning provision. The review was crucial in enabling us to identify six key priorities to form our 2017-20 Digital Learning Strategy:

  • Improve digital pedagogy and resources

  • Improve Learning Spaces

  • Improve Technical environment

  • Trial and Develop Resources

  • Improve Digital Literacies

  • Review Digital Pedagogy & e-safety

OSFC aimed to build an aspirational vision for the college focusing on enriching the learning experience through the provision of high performing physical and virtual infrastructure. Two key aspects of this vision were:

  • To create an innovative and inspiring learning environment and provision for students that extends beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom.

  • To ensure students will have access to high quality teaching, learning and assessment that embeds digital learning where appropriate to motivate, stretch and empower students to reach their potential.

We began by assessing the suitability of the digital platforms we were using, reviewing the needs of staff and students and exploring other potential Learning Management Systems (LMS) we might use more successfully. In 2018 we began piloting GSuite and Google Classroom with early adopters, and rolled this out successfully to all staff in the Summer of 2019. This meant that, although we describe the Covid-19 lockdown preparation as our ‘Apollo 13’ moment, we were well placed to continue learning provision online. We are confident in our ability to support schools and colleges on their own journeys, no matter what stage, and look forward to working with you.

Implementation Plan for remote teaching and learning


Mitigating uncertainty - contingency planning for 2020-21