Reach Academy Feltham

The vision of Reach Academy Feltham is for all of our pupils to live lives of choice and opportunity. Reach is an all-through school serving pupils from 2 to 18. Over the last eight we have developed our use to technology to support teaching and learning, support managing staff workload and improve pupils’ ability to engage with learning beyond the classroom.

Our edtech journey

We have a technologically literate staff and have made good use of technology since the school opened in 2012. We work with Google and have successfully embedded the use of Google Classroom throughout the school, but the use of technology was not something that we have always identified as signature strength. That has changed in the last six months as we have pushed forward our use of technology during the pandemic and the period of lockdown.

We were able to keep our community learning throughout lockdown. We developed video lessons for asynchronous learning from Reception to Year 11 with pupils accessing the lessons through Google Classroom and getting daily feedback on their work. We offered live video lessons to our 6th Form students. Our teachers joined the Oak National Academy team and we provided half of the Primary content for Oak throughout the Summer Term.

We are delighted to be a part of the demonstrator programme and are enjoying working with schools around:

  • Introducing Google and maximising its impact;

  • Setting up a remote learning offer;

  • Use Oak National Academy to support learning;

  • Using technology to support pastoral care, community and safeguarding; and

  • CPD that builds teachers’ capacity to support remote learning.

Reach’s remote learning offer in Primary

Here is a short video summarising how we have approached remote learning during lockdown at Reach Academy Feltham

Primary - Webinar 1 - Our Platform and how we use it

A webinar where Harpreet introduces how we use google classroom to support pupils' learning.

Primary - Webinar 2 - How we approached remote learning

Tilly talks through remote learning at Reach including the logistics and practicalities.

Primary - Webinar 3 - Using Oak National Academy

Primary - Webinar 4 - Building Culture remotely

Led by Frankie Reid, Assistant Headteacher.

Primary - Webinar 5 - Teacher CPD to support remote learning

Led by Jon Hutchinson, Assistant Headteacher

Secondary - Webinar 1 - Our Platform and how we use it

Claire reviews our platform and explains how we use it across Secondary.

Secondary - Webinar 2 - How we approached remote learning

Beck talks through the logistics and practicalities of remote learning from a pupil's, teacher's and senior leader's perspective.

Secondary - Webinar 3 - Using Oak National Academy

We are joined by Tom Rose, from Oak, to introduce the platform and explore how it is being used at Reach.

Secondary - Webinar 4 - Building Culture Remotely

Led by Phil Fowkes - Acting Deputy Head.

Secondary - Webinar 5 - Training staff to lead remote learning

Led by Claire Couves, CPD lead