Shacklewell Primary School with Grazebrook and Woodberry Down Primary Schools

At Shacklewell we aim for all our staff and pupils to be able to master the use of a precise set of tools for clearly defined goals. We have had this vision since establishing our Edtech strategy eight years ago; technology is used as a tool for learning. We’re passionate about technology being the mode of learning that equips students with the digital literacy skills they need throughout their life.

Our Journey With Educational Technology

We see dynamic learning taking place when mobile devices are used in combination with GSuite for Education. This has been especially important for developing effective working practices between teachers and across our different school sites. We use Chromebooks and iPad as devices for learning and teaching as well as traditional desktop computers in some of our classrooms. These multiple operating systems offer diverse exposure to students whilst being seamlessly linked through our network and cloud based environment.

As part of the Apple Distinguished Schools program, recognised for our innovative use of technology in the classroom, we have well established online learning platforms throughout our school. We have transformed these platforms to become drivers of remote learning. Children are able to access and complete learning online, download curated additional resources and receive feedback on their work. We have utilised our website and social media channels to share remote learning resources and guidance.

We have a wealth of expertise amongst our staff, including Google Certified and Apple Distinguished Educators. They would become the team involved in the Demonstrator initiative deployed to work with different colleagues across partner schools and led by an experienced SLE and NLE. Our team would select the best support package based on a school's unique context and would deploy a range of strategies to achieve the desired outcomes.

Read about how we use technology innovatively within The New Wave Federation by clicking the links below and in the resources section:

The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice - Apple Book

A multimedia book that will guide you through how the New Wave Federation, a group of three Inner London primary schools, is transforming teaching and learning with the help of iPad. 

The book details how technology is a key driver of the vision at the New Wave Federation and how innovative learning and teaching opens up possibilities for all learners to achieve.