Warden Park Secondary Academy (Sussex Learning Trust) with Warden Park & Northlands Wood Primary Academies

Warden Park Secondary Academy is a large secondary school in Haywards Heath and along with three primary academies, they make up the Sussex Learning Trust. All four schools work closely together to ensure partnerships of excellence.

Our Journey With Educational Technology

Warden Park Secondary Academy has been delivering a One to One program using iPad devices for the past 7-8 years. It currently holds Apple Distinguished school status for innovation, leadership and educational excellence. We have expertise also in using a wide range of educational technology in a mixed environment of Apple and Windows operating systems. We currently are using Google systems to deliver online learning to over 1700 users. We are building our knowledge and experience in the pedagogy and research as well as classroom nuts and bolts of making Ed Tech work practically in a busy school.

Our primary schools are using Ed Tech from Early Years to Year 6. They have expertly interpreted the primary phase computing curriculum to a model that uses Windows and Apple devices to ensure learning is both relevant and most of all fun. Using our experience and lessons learnt, we can provide guidance about using a range of tools for use within the primary phase including managing online learning journeys and introducing Google tools to aid home school communication.

We use a simple framework Called TROPIC to enable our project management for our Ed-Tech implementation looking at Technology, Resourcing, Operational, Pedagogy, Impact & Review and Change Management

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Going Digital - Digital By Default

This webinar looks at Digital Safety & wellbeing and what schools could do to ensure that they are developing a Digitally Safe culture. Emotional wellbeing is also linked with living in an increasingly digital world with social media increasingly playing a part in young peoples lives with positive and negative outcomes.

Resources talked about during the webinar

Timeline to closure


A whole School Approach to Home Learning


iBook - Warden Park Academy

iBook - Warden Park Academy