Wilberforce College



The strength of Wilberforce comes from our focus as a specialist sixth form college, delivering exclusively to 16-19 year olds. This means the courses we offer, our staffing and resources are all targeted at helping you to achieve your full potential, in an environment designed especially for you.

Whether you have set your sights on university, training or work, you will be given the very best chance of success. We offer fantastic opportunities and experiences and have a dedicated student support team to provide support and advice when you need it.

“We will ensure you grow in confidence, and get great results which will allow you to progress in your chosen career pathway”.

Colin Peaks, Principal

Our Journey With Educational Technology

Wilberforce Sixth Form College has implemented and delivered an exemplary online learning platform in the form of Microsoft teams which now serves as the colleges dedicated Digital Learning Environment (DLE) with a redesigned Sharepoint collaboration space sitting in the background. The only Sixth Form College in the East Riding of Yorkshire to be awarded demonstrator status, Using our approach we have found that 90% of their students are actively engaging with online learning.

“After developing our cloud-based use of Microsoft for a couple of years now, it’s really important that as a college we’re moving forward with technology to give our students access to more resources, different ways to learn and the skills they need for the future.

We aim to support local and national schools and colleges in taking a shift towards digitising key processes to facilitate better learning.

“At Wilberforce we value and invest in skills for the future, we want our students to leave college with the knowledge and experience they require to start their careers. We introduce them to a range of digital resources regardless of what they’re studying to ensure they have these skills as they step into the world of work. We’re really looking forward to delivering the sessions to help other colleagues and using our experience to work with other schools and colleges across the country.”

Jonathan Butler, Assistant Principal