Wildern School

Wildern School is a 11-16 comprehensive school located on the outskirts of Southampton, Hampshire. With almost 2000 students on-roll Wildern has maintained consistently strong academic achievement with positive progress 8 scores showing added value for our students across all subjects

Our Journey With Educational Technology

Wildern is committed to using technology to support learning. Having maintained the ICT mark since 2006 coupled with our experience as an Apple Regional Training Centre from 2002, our whole school vision has been to embed the use of Edtech across the school and to support other schools in doing so.

We started using Google for Education back in 2013 and have not looked back. Our team of EdTech ‘Champions’ have broad experience of using all the Google Suite tools especially from setting up your very first Google classroom assignment and getting to grips with the basics of GSuite through deeper learning experiences in designing assignments to support feedback, scaffolding and for students with SEND.

Since Covid-19 and our move to deliver all lessons online through Google Classroom our particular strengths in promoting engagement with parents, students and the wider community is an area we would really like to share with you.

“The Trust is delighted to be part of the edtech project; ICT is a strength and passion and working to support the wider system is part of our DNA. Sharing expertise and supporting professional learning of others as a Teaching School is already well embedded and this project is something we are excited about joining.”

Marie Lou Litton, Executive Headteacher Wildern Trust

We are thrilled to be part of this new energy for new technologies within the classroom. At Wildern, for many years, we have been at the forefront of using new technology to enhance learning; ensuring that the craft of teaching uses pedagogical strategies, drawn from current educational research, linked to cognition, retrieval and creativity intertwined with technological processes. This is a heady mix that encourages enthusiasm and motivation within our students. We are excited to be sharing this work with other students within other schools linked to our school strapline, 'Every student matters, every moment counts'.

Ceri Oakley, Headteacher Wildern School

Key EdTech Strengths

  • Google Suite set up - including the technical side as well as how to get teachers and students started in using tools like Google Classroom.

  • Google Education Suite - from classroom to slides, docs, forms, YouTube etc. we can support schools with GSuite

  • Engagement and Communication - especially with parents, students and our community through email, virtual assemblies, Google Guardians and social media

  • e-Safety - Advice for Parents, Students, Staff and Stakeholders (CEOP & Online Safety Mark)

  • Screencasting and Video making to support scaffolding, modelling and feedback

  • Creating online learning assignments to support SEND - dyslexia and visual processing in particular.

Additional areas of expertise:

  • Virtual wellbeing

  • Creativity in EdTech and TechFest

80 hybrid learning ideas

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No matter if you've been using technology for a long time in the classroom, or if you're just starting out. There is something for everyone in this value-packed guide. 

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