Ed Tech Demonstrator Schools and Colleges Programme

Helping schools and colleges with support for remote learning, powered by a national network of Demonstrator Schools and Colleges and supported by a consortium of Delivery Partners.

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Welcome to the Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme

The Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme includes a network of schools and colleges across England who exhibit effective practice in the use of technology.

The programme was announced last year to boost peer-to-peer support on the effective use of technology and has now been tailored to help schools and colleges provide education remotely. The reach of this programme will be expanded over the coming weeks.

The Demonstrator Schools and Colleges will provide professional development, initially focussed on supporting the effective delivery of remote teaching practices to schools and colleges across the country. The programme will target schools and colleges who are most in need of support; for example, those getting to grips with using a new online learning platform and those with the most disadvantaged learners.

The Programme will include:

  • advice, guidance and training including a mix of group support through webinars, recorded content and peer to peer discussions. It will include content on the use of online learning platforms, digital safety, supporting the needs of pupils with SEND and how to promote pupil and teacher wellbeing during remote teaching.

  • a universal offer of support, provided by the Delivery Partners and delivered through this website. This offer will draw on the work of the Demonstrator Schools and Colleges and will provide schools and colleges across the country with access to recorded tutorials, advice and guidance aimed at supporting effective remote working.

Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about the Demonstrator Programme and what sort of support you are interested in by completing this form. We'd love to hear from you.

The Demonstrator School and College Programme is scheduled to continue until March 2021.

"I've always recognised the potential new technology has as part of a blended learning approach to enhance learning and build links between home and school - it's been central to the success of King Ecgbert School since I was appointed in 2016. When we had to close due to Covid19 on Friday, March 20th we reopened the following Monday morning as a Virtual School using technology that most schools can already access. We are proud to be asked to support other schools with capitalising on Education Technology to minimise the loss of learning at this difficult time."

Headteacher of King Ecgbert School, Paul Haigh

Introduction to the Ed Tech Demonstrator programme video

'The programme is made up of current practitioners who understand what the challenges are in terms of using technology, but see it as a way that it can reduce staff workload, raise pupil engagement and help you to develop professional learning networks for your staff and also wider opportunities for your pupils.

All of the schools that I've worked with so far have said how beneficial having a one to one contact with a school is that's already been through the process of developing Ed Tech, having that opportunity to ask questions, get feedback on ideas that they might have, and also think about the long term strategy and how they could get there.'

Rachel Coathup - Leo Academies Trust

'This isn't just about now and how we can impact remote teaching. This is about building a long term Ed Tech strategy that can have an impact on your teaching, your learning outcomes across all areas of the curriculum. This is about developing a sustainable strategy that all teachers feel confident with and have the skills to progress.'

Sarah Morgan - Headteacher - Danesfield Primary School

Scott Hayden from Basingstoke College of Technology explains why schools and Colleges should apply to the Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme.

'I would encourage schools and Colleges to sign up for the program to learn from peers to collaborate, to get different ideas and different perspectives from people who have been doing it a little bit longer and have made mistakes, taken risks.

This technology enables great teaching and learning if used in the right way. Now we've used that for the last five years, Basingstoke College of Technology, and we're really keen to share with all schools and colleges how it can be used to enhance every single subject to improve all student outcomes.'

Scott Hayden from Basingstoke College of Technology

'The programme is designed to help schools develop their strategy for Education Technology and through an approach which is completely platform agnostic. We can work with schools to develop an approach to technology which not only enhances their teacher learning in school, but also builds a strategy which can can develop and continue to grow over the coming years.'

David Maguire, Headteacher of Coupals Primary Academy

David Maguire, Headteacher of Coupals Primary Academy, explains why schools should apply to the Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme.

'I would encourage any school to apply to the Ed Tech Demonstrator programme because this is an opportunity for you to work one to one with some amazing schools from across England to help you really articulate what your vision is for Ed Tech and work out the way forward for you to make the use of technology a real success in your school..'

Tim Lings from Heronsgate Primary School

'I would encourage all schools to apply for the EdTech demonstrator programme, whether you're looking for support in remote learning or whether you want to enhance the opportunities of use with technology

Once the children are back in the classroom, the skills and knowledge that you will learn will support your school for the future not just during the pandemic.'

Ben McGinnes - Danesfield Primary School

Why should schools sign up for the Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme?

‘The Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme runs until March 2021, not just to support schools through the pressing concerns of school closure, but also to make sure there's a lasting legacy of improved use of technology for all students and for all staff. At whatever stage of your development in your school or college, I think it's important that you sign up for the programme, because whatever you are trying to achieve is a school, education technology is going to have a big part to play in your future success.’

Chris Ryall – Deputy headteacher

Thomas Gainsborough School