Helping schools and colleges with support for remote education, powered by a national network of Demonstrator Schools and Colleges and supported by a consortium of Delivery Partners.

The programme was funded by the English Department for Education and supported 4,000 schools and colleges across England - helping over 200,000 classroom staff and 2 million learners.

Supporting remote education

Access over 1,500 resources including CPD and training videos and guides. 

Get contingency planning guidance on remote education

Set up a virtual classroom

Use education digital platforms such as Google G Suite, Microsoft 365, Apple and other platforms

Use technology to support pupils with Special Educational Needs, including Accessible Tech Thursdays events

Keep pupils safe online and use technology to support wellbeing

Embed technology across my organisation and introduce a digital strategy

Access roundtables and webinars on getting the most out of edtech, including our event archive and Edtech Week 2020 recordings.