Devonport High School for Boys

Devonport High School for Boys is a happy and vibrant grammar school for boys aged 11-18 (and girls in the Sixth Form). Our vision, whatever anyone’s role in the school or personal ambition, is that ‘Everyone Succeeds’. We provide a disciplined, caring environment in which students achieve levels of excellence that reflect their tremendous potential and our high expectations.

Our Journey With Educational Technology

Devonport High School for Boys has been a worldwide Google reference school since 2015 and was one of the first schools to deploy G Suite for Education and Chromebooks in the UK. From a more efficient administration to students who make their own websites to support classes, DHSB made incremental gains to become a more collaborative, effective and dynamic learning environment for the 1,250 students in the school. The whole organisation has embedded G Suite for Education to increase productivity, efficiency and to transform learning in the 21st century.

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LC_HowTo_JoinAMeet (1).pdf

How to join Google Meet


How to get started with a Chromebook

LC_HowTo_SubmitWork (2).pdf

How to submit work in Google Classroom

LC_HowTo_SubmitWorkasPDF (3).pdf

How to submit work to Google Classroom as a PDF

LC_HowTo_UseClassroom (1).pdf

How to use Google Classroom

Copy of Ed tech Chromebook 1:1 FAQs

Chromebook 1:1 FAQs


How to get started with G Suite shared drives


How to use Calendar to book out resources

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Set and Mark Work in Google Classroom - A Quick Guide

Online Assessment and Feedback

Three short presentations detailing: using rubrics, electonic exercise books and using visualisers to mark work.