Elizabeth Woodville Primary School

At Elizabeth Woodville Primary School, we nurture a natural curiosity for knowledge through creative learning opportunities.

We pride ourselves on our ability to bring ‘learning to life’ through our enriching curriculum, which is inspiring and based on real-life experience. All activities are designed to be both challenging and aspirational to ensure that pupils fulfil their potential and enjoy their learning.

Our deep rooted, high impact technology focused curriculum enhances all subjects and ensures pupils are well prepared to embrace the challenges of a 21st century future.

Our Journey With Educational Technology

Elizabeth Woodville Primary School has developed an innovative approach to integrating technology throughout the curriculum to enhance pupils’ learning. Technology is used across all subjects to offer highly collaborative and transformative learning opportunities.

Our school is an experienced user of a range of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) with pupils, staff and parents. We have embraced diverse platforms to enhance educational communication and connectivity, offering new ways of working through the use of emerging technologies.

As a National Support School, it is a privilege to support schools as part of the DfE School Improvement Offer. We also lead the development of Computing and Technology for our Teaching School, Loughborough Learning Alliance. Our termly training network attracts delegates from various trusts and neighbouring local authorities. Over 3 years, we have supported an increasing number of schools to develop strategic computing plans and enhanced schemes of work to secure captivating computing experiences for their pupils.

Through recommending the adoption of technology, including the use of Learning Management Systems, we have enhanced schools’ remote learning curriculum delivery during this unprecedented time. Communication efficiencies and streamlined workflow have reduced workload and maximised the impact of each school’s remote learning experience.

Our EdTech Team is led by an experienced NLE and SLE alongside Computing specialists who are all highly accomplished in delivering training within and beyond our network of schools. We can offer a dedicated support programme matched to your school’s personalised needs.

To complement our dedicated personalised provision, we will be providing a series of informative webinars, ‘how-to’ videos and guides to enable schools to enrich their existing remote learning and computing curriculums

Visit our dedicated EdTech website to find out more using the link below.