Hadrian Primary School

Here at Hadrian Primary we pride ourselves on providing a warm and welcoming beginning to the journey of lifelong learning. We believe that Hadrian is a very special place where children enjoy their education and make excellent progress. Hadrian is a vibrant, happy and creative school that ensures children grow into confident, articulate and talented individuals. We are a forward thinking and innovative Primary School. We believe that all of our children have the right to be leaders, to achieve highly and believe in themselves.

Our school location is one of geographical, cultural and historical significance. We are lucky to be close to the River Tyne, the magnificent coastline and beautifully restored Marine Parks. Arbeia – the Roman Fort opposite our school is a site of historical interest dating back to the time of Emperor Hadrian from whom the school takes its name.

Our school is committed to raising standards, but also to ensuring that children leave Hadrian with the possible start to life and with the skills they will need.

Our Journey With Educational Technology

We have been using technology since 2012 throughout our school and over the last 5 years we have embedded technology across all curriculum areas. We have iPads to use in school, as well as an ICT suite where children can use technology to enhance their lessons as well as develop computational skills.

All of our staff at Hadrian have completed The Apple Teaching Training and we are proud to be Apple Teachers. We are now on the journey to become an Apple Distinguished School. We believe that we can use technology to enhance the curriculum and to enhance children’s learning. We believe that the children need a purpose and technology can be that window to the world.

We were honoured to be chosen as one of the EdTech 50 schools in 2019, where we were recognised for our work in the classroom with technology.

One judge stated,

"the improvements in results and in aspirations of pupils to succeed stand out. Being able to reach a real audience opens a window into the world and has impacted on writing standards."

We have seen huge improvements in our children’s learning from reading results improving considerably, as well as our writing.

We have always been open to supporting other schools with their technology journey and can provide support for many types of Virtual Learning Environments and devices. At Hadrian we have many teachers who have knowledge and skills based around using G-Suite for Education and Seesaw.

Our aim is to support Schools/Colleges wherever they are on their technology journey and also with the focus of remote learning. We were lucky enough to set up remote learning in March, so that we were ready for lockdown. There we managed to set home learning tasks, respond to children and parents, and complete live sessions via Google Meet.

Hadrian staff and pupils all use G-Suite for Education, from Nursery to Y6. The Hadrian team will demonstrate effective use of Google classroom and related software, both from a technological and pedagogical perspective.