Hardenhuish School

With 1600 pupils from year 7 to year 13 Hardenhuish school is in the heart of Wiltshire. Our site is beautiful and boasts some of the most impressive educational facilities in the County, including a Creative Centre, Sports Hall with climbing wall, English and Performing Arts Centre, a modern Advanced Centre for the 6th Form and Resources Centre.

Our Journey With Educational Technology

We have been on a long journey with Educational Technology having been a Microsoft Showcase school since 2016. We have learnt important lessons along the way but significant investment into our large cloud-driven, Intune-managed digital footprint over the last 6 years means we have a quick and robust network that “just works”. We have also invested significantly in training around EdTech dedicating CPD time since 2018. Together this has meant that when we were forced into remote-learning we were able to quickly run trials into the best methods for teaching and supporting students remotely. We found new ways to continue to maintain our strong pastoral connection, maintain challenge and find new ways to scaffold and enable access for our SEN learners. Since schools have re-opened we have continued to refine our practice as teachers, teaching assistants, and school leaders to maintain effective teaching and learning in preparation for our contingency plans.

“One of our main aims is to make sure we've got 21st Century learners, so I want our classrooms to be as active and engaging as possible. It's making sure that our teaching and learning fully equip them for what they are going to have to face as the years go on.”

Lisa Percy: Headteacher since 2016

Hardenhuish School head teacher Lisa Percy
Hardenhuish - EdTech introduction from the Head