United Learning

United Learning is a large Multi Academy Trust with 72 academies located from Cumbria to Kent, covering all phases and a wide variety of contexts. Uniquely, our Group also includes 14 independent schools many of which have implemented 1:1 programmes successfully delivering whole school remote learning during the summer term. The Trust has a central Technology team who will provide the core support for the Programme and where appropriate, connect those seeking support on specific issues with the appropriate staff in our schools.

We have extensive experience supporting primary, secondary and all through schools to develop and implement digital strategies, which in recent months included supporting remote learning, adapting to new ways of working and embedding the use of Office365 tools for teaching, learning, administration, and support.

Our Journey With Educational Technology

For the past few years we have been implementing a ‘cloud first’ strategy with the focus on moving data, services and systems into the cloud to enable staff and students to work and learn from any location. The completion of the move to Office365 coincided with the national lockdown and enabled all schools to implement remote learning effectively. In conjunction with this strategy, schools were encouraged to look at how they taught in the classroom, with many adopting Microsoft Surfaces (or similar digital inking devices) to change how teachers teach, set, assess and feedback on pupils’ work.

We continue to support our schools with their digital strategies as they adapt to an influx of Chromebooks to support remote learning, ensuring all children have access to a suitable device and safe connection at home, whilst also developing a coherent plan for their use in the long term. For example, over the past decade, United Learning has developed a robust 1:1 mobile learning strategy for tablet devices which enabled a number of schools to benefit from increasingly mature 1:1 programmes, building on the schools’ cultures of teaching and learning.

Currently we are able to support:

  • Creating, developing and implementing digital strategies - from first steps through to implementing a whole school 1:1 strategy

  • Effective adoption and use of the Office365 tools for teaching and learning, both in school and remotely

  • Use of digital inking and visualisers to support modelling

  • Working across multiple schools

  • Collaborating and sharing with and between schools using Office365

  • Using Chromebooks with Office365

We understand that the world of EdTech is a fast-moving sector, especially around home learning and therefore we need a continual way to improve and share our learning together. For this reason, moving forward we will be offering:

  • Group webinars, where shared experiences further develop understanding

  • Access to an online EdTech community where resources, recorded demonstrations and FAQs will be posted as well as the ability to ask and answer questions of each other and us