West Suffolk College

West Suffolk College Group and Suffolk Academies Trust including Abbeygate Sixth Form College and One Sixth Form College, Swavesey Village College and the ConnectED Teaching School Alliance led by Barrow Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School.

Inclusion is at the heart of West Suffolk College and as such teaching teams have long recognised the need for diverse teaching delivery methods to cater for the specific needs and preferences of all students.

Key to any learning is timely, constructive assessment and feedback to students, these criteria remain at the heart of the consortiums approach to both face-to-face and remote delivery.

The consortium schools and colleges benefit from each other’s extensive knowledge with dedicated professional learning teams that work collaboratively to share good practice and deliver targeted training needs and support, using the following platforms to support remote teaching

West Suffolk College is the lead school for the Suffolk NCCE Computing Hub whilst Swavesey Village College is a successful Science Learning Partnership and therefore the consortium benefits from their expertise in both technical development and platform delivery, supplemented by our forward-thinking IT departments.


Our Journey With Educational Technology

While lectures and classes prior to the Covid-19 pandemic were primarily face to face, students have also benefited from supporting resources such as recorded classes and materials available online through a range of platforms. This practice allows us to be mindful of Safeguarding and helps differentiate any specific requirements for SEND or EAL students, ensuring engagement and attainment are improved in all areas and disciplines for all cohorts.

Across our college group we have extensive experience in our Moodle based platform, Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom and Drive. The college group has utilised their in-house ‘Innovation coaches’ to drive change and introduce new developments to the classroom. Therefore, it has been a short step to engage both teaching staff and students in remote learning during the period of school closures by effectively utilising features such as housing video clips, lesson recordings, schemes of learning, self-assessing quizzes, assignment submission and feedback

Within the consortium we also have further experience in the use of Power BI dashboards to help with identifying engagement and welfare of staff and students across schools so that additional support for individuals can be put in place. This has provided the schools with a clear overview that can be shared with leaders, Governors and Trustees from MIS across the Trust.

Our mission in all things is to use education as a catalyst of positive social change and prosperity for the community we serve, leaving no-one behind. With this in mind we have worked collaboratively with schools to provide both remote events such as our STEM fair and remote transition packages for students moving onto A levels, vocational and apprenticeships next term, thus ensuring continuity and sustained engagement with future cohorts in this difficult time.

In addition, through our Computing hub and Science Learning Partnership, the consortium has become a popular go to place for support with blended learning strategies and subject specific pedagogy for remote teaching.

We are an education group covering all phases and just as all of your young people’s needs are unique, we understand that so will every school be varying in where they are in their digital journey. We look forward to sharing experiences and working with you to build on your current digital approaches to teaching and learning by providing a bespoke partnership.


Our Ed Tech journey - Barrow CEVC Primary School

What have our challenges and successes been on our ed tech journey?

Our Ed Tech journey - Suffolk Computing Hub

How we are able to support you with remote education

We will be able to provide you with:

  • Written Advice and guidance to Support Effective Learning

  • Webinars and pre-recorded materials

  • Small group support to help with:

    • subject specific challenges

    • assessment and feedback through effective blended learning practices

    • digital safety and online safeguarding

    • teacher and pupil well-being during remote teaching

  • School to school bespoke advice and support to schools most in need of help

Please see our dedicated site for more information about us here

How has your support for the more vulnerable changed over time?

What type of culture is needed at SLT level to be successful?

How have you been helping parents ensure that technology is used safely at home and in support of the home school learning activity?